Monday, November 14, 2011

Last post! :(

Hey penguins!

Its not easy to me to write this post...because this post will be the final post of my blog.
I started the blog in April 2011..and i didnt know how to edit and stuff...i nearly gor zero views
and that didnt make me happy too.
i diceded to continue to post even i had 5 views per day..but now its going to be over..
Im going to delete this blog..once and for can still be my friend on twitter..just search @Rriity
and you will find me.
I just wnt to thank the people who read my blog even if it wasnt succsefull...
I really hope that you will be my friend on twitter,and f not you can add me on CP. I will delete my blog a week from now, and i really hope that you enjoyed :)

For the las t time,