Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Club Penguin stage play!

Hey penguins!

Today,after over a year with no new stage plays..Club penguin has released a new stage play called:
Night of the living sled: Live! it is just  like the movies..just..Live xD
Here is a look at the stage:
The new stage is awesome! I really love it! :D There is also a new catalog with only one new costume:
The sled! there is also the scientist costume..and the rest is just costumes from ALL stage plays! 
Here are the Hidden items on this catalog:

What do yuo think about this stage play? i like it that they brought all the costumes..but i tought they will add a few more costumes to night of  the living sle :P 
make sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts! :D 


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