Monday, October 17, 2011

New club penguin reviewed by you:Puffle hats!

Hey penguins!
Today is the weekly day for the reviewed by you! This time is about Puffle hats!
Here is the full post:

Hello Penguins! 

In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you for your best Puffle Launch tips and tricks. We asked a game designer to pick his favorite trick from the comments. Here are a couple different tips you suggested: 

Shadow1o12 said: 
My advice would be if you see the cannon pointing up and nothing is there go up it. I did it once. I got lots of coins doing that and thats my advice for you. Isn't it awesome! So i do it all the time now. Waddle over to the pet shop and do it. Waddle on CP. 
Chihang321 said:
Remember, During a boss level, you usually have to defeat a flying machine. Instead of hitting it from the bottom or the sides, you hit it from the top so gravity pulls your puffle down and allows you to do two or even three or even four hits in a row! 

Thanks for sharing all the great Puffle Launch tricks!

For this Reviewed by You, we want to celebrate Halloween and Puffle Hats... We want you to describe the freakiest, strangest, zaniest Halloween-themed puffle hat you could possibly imagine! 


Describe your creation in a comment below. Then next week, we'll randomly pick one of your inventions and a Club Penguin artist will draw it here on the blog! 

Try to keep your comment as short as possible (50-75 words is best.) Can't wait to read all your comments! 

Until then... Waddle On! 

-Club Penguin Team

Well..i think that Club penguin let us create a new puffle hat! 
Who know? maybe someone idea will becaome a real puffle hat! (wich i really hope so!) 
Do you have a idea for a new puffle hat? Make sure to leave a comment below! 


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