Saturday, October 22, 2011

Club penguin sixth anniversary party guide!

Hey penguins!

Although Club penguin birthday is tommorow, thay decided to realese the anniversary party a aday early!
The sixth anniversari is,like always, in the coffe shop and book room!

Those rooms look awesome with the halloween party! :D 
Also dont forget to grab the rare sixth anniversary hat by pressing the nedlle!  

It will cause the ballon to pop and you will have the Party hat right on the table! 

This party hat is great! i really like the colors although he looks preety big xD
Anyway dont forget to go up to the book room to see the Yearbook! It is full of 
events that happend during the year! 

What do you think about this year anniversary? Make sure to leave a cooment below! 
Thank you Club penguin for 6 Great years! 


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