Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shadow ninjas coming to club penguin?

Hi  penguins!

Lot of new may heard about a new ninjas that might come on the club penguin!
This are the shadow ninjas! 
If you remember we defeated Herbert and His hydra bots and he said he will 
First destroy us and then the island! We defeated him and that means he  will attack 
The island!
I think with all of the rumors that are going on, that he will do a blackout on cp and will try to 
Destroy the lighthouse and the island will fall into darkness!
If you check the club penguin board you will see that there is a two week darkness! 

  And what will be better to "defeat" the shadow and bring back the light?? 
Here is the outfit on the shadow ninja! These are real pictures!

And here is how it looks on the penguin!
So they will be shadows ninjas on club penguin! and there is a proof in the post above! 
What do you think about the shadows ninjas? are you ecxited? 
Leave a comment below! 


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