Monday, June 13, 2011

EPIC First party!!

Hi  penguins!

Well me and crash zxz1 Fisrt party EVER was EPIC!
Of course not a lot of penguins came but the penguins who did come
Were awesome! Here are a few pictures of the party!

We started at the dock dancing and having fun! :)

Then we decided to go to do sled racing! Its was tons of fun sled racing with friends! 

Then we went to the night club to disco dance but sadly ididnt get any pictures! 
The first party ever was a  LOT Of fun!! 
And i'll hope there will  be more parties like these!
Also dont forget crash zxz1 recording! i will upload the video to the site as soon he will finish editing it :)
Thanks guys for comin to the party! You really supported us!
What do you think about the party?
Leave a comment below!

Waddle on

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