Friday, June 17, 2011

Club penguin music jam 2011 complete Guide!

Hi penguins!

The music jam is here in the 3rd time! I have to addmit i LOVE the music jam!
Well i don want to talk a lot so lets get to the point! We have a lot of new items
For members and one item that is for non-members but he is awesome!

Go to the cove and then you will see a box full of hats!
Go to it and click yes.

This item is awesome! Be sure i'll wear it! :) 
It is also have awesome dance! Take a look: 

Nice! I love this new hat! 

Now for all of the members items!
Waddle to the snow forst and iceberg to see more cool items!

This items are awesome! I love all of them! 
Dont forget to buy the all access pass to go to the most colest rooms ever! 

First is the nightclub rooftop!! Here you can meet cadence and get the free boombox!

Then go to the dock and enter backstage were you can meet the penguin band! and get 
A free shirt item! 

These items are awesome and all of the music jam is awesome!!!
Waddle on CP! 

What do yuo think about the items and the music jam? Leave a comment below! 


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