Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi penguins!

Happt77 upload a video to his youtube channel! this is a snek peack about
the medival party coming next week!


Here is what Happy77 write in the description!

Here ye! Here ye!
The Medieval Party is coming to Club Penguin on May 20. There'll be a brand new Knight's Quest for members, and the whole island will be decorated to celebrate knights, dragons, princesses and other fun medieval stuff.

The team and I whipped up this little sneak peek of the new Knight's Quest for you.

What do you think? 

WOW! this looks awesome! thid you see the three dragon picture?? 

And also there will be a free white knight costume on the quests! 

I cant wait for the party!!!! i LOVE the medival party! 
Also remember to check out tommorow for the igloo catalog! 

What do you think about the video and about the quest? 
Leave a comment below! 


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