Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Club penguin has recently gave us an amazing future! now you can TEST a new game lika a beta team!
To do this you can enter to club penguin whats new blog and press the word team on the first post!

Or you can go to  http://authorized.clubpenguin.com/!
Then you will see the beta test acces! Just put on your usename and password!

And YOUR IN! you dont have to be a beta and you wont be banned because its a club penguin future! 

Then in enter the command "help"  and a list of commands will pop out! 
You can read it if you want but if you dont just type in the command section "LS".
You will have a list with three things:
Rollerscape, puffle hat ideas and Rollerscape history!!


Just click the rollerscape game and you can play it!!!! (i recommend to read the instructions ;D)

You can also like or dilike and you can leave a comment that is send to club penguin! 
This future is AWESOM! its so cool that cp gave us the opportunity to test the game!! 

What do you think about the future??? i liked it very much!

Leave a comment below!


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  1. Sorry about the spaces... i had a problem and i didnt have the time to re-type it!
    sill i hope you will enjoy it!